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Material Sourcing

Our team here at Furnstyl, our experienced workmen with years of skill and perfected craftsmanship, therefore when it comes to sourcing our own materials, whether it's the timber for creating the frame, the foam or fibre for the padding of the product or the fabric or leather for upholstery, our team only source and select the very highest quality to ensure all of our products are made to the standard we believe our clients deserve.

Frame Making

The production of our frames is one of the very first steps of our sofa construction, and is arguably the most important. When looking for a solid frame that will last for generations, nothing beats kiln-dried hardwood such as the popular Beachwood that all of our sofas are produced from.

Material Cuttings

Once the frame is complete, the next step would be to cut the material of the product. all material cutting is completed by our highly trained employees with years of experience.


Furnstyl has been employing highly skilled upholsters since we first opened our doors, over 50 years ago. All of our products are intricately upholstered with expertise and attention to detail with only the highest quality of leather hides and fabrics used.


Once our sofas have been produced and are ready to be shipped, each one is rigorously packaged using purpose made cardboard, industrial bubble-wrap and then finally wrapped up in a large plastic bag.


All of our sofas are distributed though sthand delivery providers who deliver NCR. Each one of our sofas has access to large network of delivery who work on ten day working service and deliver NCR.